Sourcing and Purchasing Symphony Consulting“Symphony hit the targets we’ve set for cost-savings every time.  They are a turnkey provider of the procurement process: from vendor selection to contract drafting and redlining; for both Direct and Indirect Procurement.  Plus, Symphony can bring in category specialists as negotiators – something we can’t do ourselves.”  – Michael Vedda, VP and CIO, Affymetrix

IT purchases are often substantial investments for an organization because of the time, resources, and money required to deploy technology successfully.  These purchases often involve a combination of hardware, software, and services and may span many years due to the high cost of switching once you have made a platform decision.  The dollars involved combined with the long-term nature of the investment means that IT departments should pay particular attention to the ways in which they procure and manage their spend.

Symphony Consulting has helped businesses lower their IT costs by:

  • Negotiating competitive pricing based on situation analysis, benchmarks, and effective use of leverage points
  • Securing value in your IT investment by ensuring cost predictability as you scale your solution
  • Mitigating contractual risks by negotiating important but often neglected terms that affect your flexibility to respond to a changing business environment

Symphony Consulting offers sourcing services in the following areas:


  • Long-term cost of ownership including costs of future expansion
  • Benchmarks and appropriate discounting
  • Installation services
  • Warranty and support services
  • RFIs, RFPs
  • Platform Assessment and Comparison
  • Proof of concept and demo programs?


  • Licensing Analysis
  • Use rights and key definitions
  • Other contract terms
  • Benchmarking  Price Negotiation

Cloud Contracts

  • Pricing and Scalability
  • Flexibility and Exit Strategy
  • Data Protection
  • Performance and SLAs

Managed Services

  • RFIs, RFPs
  • Comparison of Service Offerings
  • Establish baseline Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Site Audits
  • Develop and Manage Performance Metrics


  • Review rates with telecom carriers and compare to benchmarks
  • Drive telecom sourcing activity through RFPs
  • Analyze telecom invoices for price accuracy


  • Develop needs requirements
  • RFIs, RFPs
  • Establishing Billing Schedules

Software Audits

  • Entitlement tracking
  • Project management and licensing posture corrections
  • Supplier negotiations
  • Internal process reviews and risk points
  • Benchmarks and best practices

Consultants and Staff Augmentation

  • Develop Master Service Agreements
  • Create robust Statements of Work
  • SLAs and Performance management
  • Negotiate Rates
  • Create scorecards