FAQs Symphony ConsultingFrequently Asked Questions:

1.Why should I use Symphony Consulting instead of the big name consulting companies?

2.Why should I use Symphony Consulting instead of an internal resource?

3.How do we begin working with Symphony?

4.How much do your services cost?

5.Are you a supply chain software company?


Q1: Why should I use Symphony Consulting instead of the big name consulting companies?

There are a number of reasons for using our services, a few of which are mentioned here.

  1. Symphony is focused exclusively on supply chain, sourcing, and procurement. This helps us create a richer set of solutions for our clients in these areas.
  2. We have years of experience in solving these operational problems at some of the most respected technology companies. We have implemented proven solutions at small, medium, and large OEM companies and their contract manufacturers.
  3. We are focused on achieving financial results that matter to your business success. We understand the speed with which you need to run your business and we know how to make effective trade-offs to achieve both short-term and long-term success.
  4. Unlike some big name consulting firms, the people that we assign to you are all experienced professionals with domain expertise in our areas of practice. With Symphony you will get on-going personal support from a seasoned professional that knows your business. Our goal is to grow our business through referrals and personal recommendations, one client at a time.


Q2: Why should I use Symphony Consulting instead of an internal resource?

There are several reasons for utilizing our services:

  1. Expertise: We can offer expertise that draws on years of professional experience in manufacturing outsourcing, supply chain management, and procurement. Our experience in providing solutions at OEM companies and their extended supply chain gives us the breadth that can contribute significantly to devising a solution that leverages the “best practices” implemented in Fortune 500 companies.
  2. Focus: In most companies today, people have to juggle their time to manage multiple priorities. Progress on long-term initiatives is often preempted by unexpected operational crises. Since supply chain related issues have a direct impact on the bottom line, every passing day leads to lost opportunities in realizing the benefits of a program or project. Symphony can provide dedicated resources to help drive a project to completion in the agreed upon timeframe.
  3. Perspective: There are no legacy systems or “existing” solutions to which we are tied and can therefore provide you with an objective assessment of the problem and propose solutions. We are more interested in giving our client a solution that will meet the outlined objectives rather than maintaining the status-quo.
  4. Limited Obligation: Many times, companies need experienced resources to help with the peaks in workload that comes with managing a business change. Too often, they under-staff critical projects because they cannot afford to take talented individuals out of their current role within the company. It is impractical to hire and train a new employee to help with a short or medium-term project. Symphony can provide the resources necessary to meet the project timeline without an extended obligation on the company’s part.


Q3: How do we begin working with Symphony?

Once a need for our services is identified, we begin dialogue to make sure that we clearly understand the deliverables and expectations from our client. In some cases, the problem complexity necessitates going through a brief investigation phase before we can fully understand the scope, timeline, and resources that are required.

After understanding these parameters, we submit a proposal, outlining a clear set of deliverables, milestones, and an estimated cost for our services.

Upon mutual agreement, we will begin the project and review progress on a regular basis.

Once the project has been completed, a closure meeting is set-up to make sure that all expectations were met and that there are no loose ends.

On-going “maintenance” support can be provided to our clients as needed.


Q4: How much do your services cost?

Generally, it depends on the project. We will give you an estimate of project cost based upon a mutually determined outline of deliverables. We strive to produce exceptional value for the client and our fees are small in comparison to this value.  Our clients often refer to us as “self-funding” since the annual savings that we generate far outweigh our fees.


Q5: Are you a supply chain software company?

No, we do not sell any software and are not software systems integrators. We are in the business of helping companies deliver better results by solving their supply chain, manufacturing outsourcing, and procurement problems. In the course of our work, we interface with a variety of software solutions as required.