Contract Creation and Negotiation Symphony ConsultingWe’ve had a 5x ROI on the contracts we’ve had Symphony Consulting negotiate. – Michael Vedda, VP and CIO, Affymetrix

“As a consumer products company, TiVo relies on speed and flexibility throughout its supply chain to meet consumer demand. Symphony helped TiVo develop a cost model of the supply chain, isolate opportunities for improving performance, and formulate and execute an outsourcing strategy to optimize that supply chain. The result was a supply chain architecture that reduced our total cost of ownership and more importantly, our inventory exposure while improving our flexibility and speed in product delivery. Their expertise in outsourcing and contract negotiations allowed us to create contracts that significantly reduce our inventory liability and enhance supply flexibility.”
– Karen Hensey, Director of Manufacturing Operations, TiVo

Many companies are faced with the challenge of securing value through supplier contracts without having all of the tools, insight, and bandwidth they need to accomplish their mission.  As a result, deadlines slip, opportunities are missed, contracts are executed with hidden risks, and long-term costs are sub-optimal.  Eventually something happens to bring all of the imperfections to the surface, and then someone is saddled with the task to clean it up.  Symphony Consulting can help you avoid these pitfalls.  We provide extra bandwidth and expertise to ensure you meet your schedules and deliver a robust contract that outlines key business and legal parameters that drive the right behaviors.

Symphony Consulting can help you negotiate effective agreements with:

  • Contract manufacturers
  • Component suppliers
  • Customers

Advantageous contracts address important terms like:

  • Inventory liability
  • Supply flexibility
  • Pricing
  • Warranty and epidemic failures
  • Quality
  • Termination rights
  • RoHS compliance
  • Performance metrics
  • Other areas of mutual value

Examples of services we can provide:

  • Hold discovery meeting with your staff to understand key business and legal terms that you must cover in your contracts
  • Create robust contracts that provide you with a competitive advantage and reflect your unique business needs
  • Negotiate and redline contracts throughout the negotiation process and until the document is signed. Support the negotiations with proven analytical tools and contract language.
  • Create standard templates that you can use for a wide range of supply relationships