Demand Responsiveness Symphony Consulting“Symphony quickly came up to speed on our business issues.  Their full spectrum of expertise complemented OCZ’s team and allowed us to continue to focus on running the business.   We have been pleased with the professionalism and the thoroughness of the Symphony team.”  – Jason Ruppert, Senior Vice President of Operations, OCZ

Within almost every product company, you will find a contingent of people that believe that all would be well “if only we could create an accurate forecast.”  While there are definite steps a company can take to improve accuracy, in most industries the dynamic nature of the market makes it nearly impossible to create a flawless forecast.  The other leverage point that companies have is to make their supply chain more flexible so they can respond to unforecasted demand.

Too often, the path to create “flexibility” involves adding a various forms of buffer inventory.  This might address the immediate need but does not make your company more responsive.  In fact, burdened with the extra inventory, you cannot respond as quickly to engineering changes, quality issues, or shifts in product mix.

At Symphony Consulting, we believe in building true flexibility versus just buying inventory.  We help companies assess their current situation with respect to flexibility and inventory and determine the best way to meet their product needs.. From there, we devise solutions using our portfolio of tools to create responsiveness without unnecessary inventory risk.

Examples of services we can provide:

  • Perform product availability analysis and recommend approach
  • Assess supply chain leverage points and recommendations for improvement
  • Design and implement specific solutions to meet business needs
  • Develop contracts and metrics to create foundation for on-going solutions.