Offshore Sourcing Symphony Consulting

When OEM companies transition their production offshore or select a key supplier in Asia, they are often surprised by the volume of issues and challenges they must deal with. Differences in time zone, culture, and geography often lead to communication issues that in turn lead to operational problems. As a consequence, people cannot deliver the results that are important to their company.

Through our offices in Asia, Symphony Consulting provides companies with resources on-the-ground who are fluent in English and the local language and culture.. These resources can be your “eyes and ears” near your key suppliers or contract manufacturers and provide a scalable resources to help drive operational issues to closure.

Examples of services we can provide:

  • Assist in selecting and qualifying local suppliers
  • Manage your operational activities and new product introductions
  • Manage your suppliers through regularly scheduled reviews
  • Accompany you on important trips and help close communication and cultural gaps