Training at Symphony ConsultingSymphony Consulting participates in a variety of industry events.  In addition, we offer both public and  private training workshops.  A partial list of the topics we cover can be found below.  For private workshops,  we can tailor the content and the delivery mode to meet the needs of your organization.

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Private workshops:

Please note that on-site sessions provide more depth and breadth of coverage, including case studies, break out sessions, and group exercises.

Negotiating Robust Supply Agreements (on-line or on-site)

Negotiate Effective Outsourcing Agreements (on-site)

Advanced Performance Metrics for the Supply Chain (on-line or on-site)

Reducing Inventory Exposure: The Key to Creating a LEAN Supply Chain (on-line or on-site)

The Impact of RoHS and “Due Diligence” Requirements on Your Business (on-site)

The Impact of REACH on OEMs and Suppliers (on-line)

Assessing the Total Cost of Offshore Sourcing (on-line or on-site)


Negotiating Robust Supply Agreements (on-line)

OEMs, contract manufacturers, and component suppliers are faced with tight margins and pressure to keep liabilities to a minimum. That is why many companies feel it is important to capture and coument the details of a working relationship in a contract before a crisis occurs. Most generic, boilerplate contracts, however, lack the practical substance that makes them useful for the operational personnel who execute them. Negotiated and implemented correctly, these agreements must outline key business and legal parameters that drive the right behaviors, define accountabilities, and ensure that both sides take proactive steps to mitigate risks in the extended supply chain.

In “Negotiating Robust Supply Agreements ,” Symphony Consulting will walk you through important business and legal issues that you should discuss and formalize in your relationships with your contract manufacturers and strategic suppliers. In this session, we will not only discuss key terms and their impact on your business, but also offer you suggestions on industry best practices.


Negotiating Effective Outsourcing Agreements (on-site)

In a recent Aberdeen survey of Fortune 500 executives, 79% of respondents considered such agreements to be of “high” or “very high” importance.

“Negotiating Effective Outsourcing Agreements”is a comprehensive two-day workshop that provides a structured approach to rationalize your supply chain requirements and develop supplier outsourcing agreements with your electronic manufacturing services (EMS) providers.  A balanced, win/win approach is utilized to ensure that agreements are developed in a manner that meets the collective needs of OEMs, EMS providers, and suppliers of high value components.


Advanced Performance Metrics for the Supply Chain (on-line or on-site)

Most companies are using traditional metrics to manage their outsourced supply chain. The problem is that these post-performance metrics only provide an “after the fact” measure of performance. That means you are reacting after the damage is done instead of addressing inventory, supply, and quality risks proactively.

In “Advanced Performance Metrics for the Supply Chain,” Symphony Consulting will introduce you to new, forward-looking metrics for managing your supply chain. We will show you which metrics to employ, and how to use them to drive increased performance with your contract manufacturers and components suppliers.


Reducing Inventory Exposure: The Key to Creating a LEAN Supply Chain (on-line or on-site)

The fact is that it is hard to fix something that you cannot see.  That is the basic problem with the common approach to inventory.  Companies wait for the problem (e.g. the inventory) to show at up the back door and then react.  By then it is often too late.  Given today?s outsourced supply chain, companies have less visibility to impending problems.   Also, companies are starting to see the benefit of adopting LEAN practices.  The whole idea behind LEAN is that you understand the value stream and work to continuously improve it.  To do that, companies need a new perspective on inventory.

We give you that in “Reducing Inventory Exposure: The Key to Creating a LEAN Supply Chain”. We start by giving you new ways to look at the root causes of inventory.  This approach gives you a proactive method to prevent inventory.  You will walk away with tools and ideas to rejuvenate your efforts on managing inventory.


The Impact of RoHS and Due Diligence Requirements on Your Business (on-site)

While RoHS has been in effect since 2006, many companies do not yet have a robust plan in place to demonstrate “reasonable due diligence” to customers and EU authorities.  With the emergence of a revised RoHS draft ? commonly referred to as RoHS II ? the importance of due diligence will take on a new dimension as companies may be required to demonstrate compliance in order to obtain a CE mark.

In “The Impact of RoHS and Due Diligence Requirements on Your Business”, we will provide you with a thorough overview of RoHS and other relevant directives (WEEE, China RoHS, California RoHS) and help you devise a due diligence plan that balances cost and risk.  We will apply our expertise in supply chain management and the outsourced manufacturing model to offer you a pragmatic approach to compliance.


The Impact of REACH on OEMs and Suppliers (on-line)

The European Union’s REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of CHemical substances) is a directive that has been in effect since July 2007. While the RoHS Directive came into force with much publicity prior to its effective date of July 1, 2006, REACH’s emergence has been more subdued. This new directive has far reaching implications for OEMs and their suppliers not just in the electronics industry but across all industries. The documentation and reporting requirements are extensive for all companies that supply products into the EU. All OEMs that ship products to the EU – and their suppliers – will be impacted by REACH.

In this 90-minute webinar, “The Impact of REACH on OEMs and Suppliers ,” Symphony Consulting will help you understand your obligations and how you can respond to them in a cost-effective manner. We will discuss how the directive impacts you based on where your products are built and your product characteristics. Additionally, we will discuss how you can document your approach and manage your compliance data to respond to customer or EU inquiries.


Assessing the Total Cost of Offshore Sourcing (on-line or on-site)

Most US OEM companies that have outsourced the manufacture of their products to Asia have yet to realize the expected benefits. Despite its advantages, there are many hidden costs that these companies do not assess upfront. This leads to unpleasant surprises of late shipments, excess inventory exposure, and higher than expected total cost.

In “Assessing the Total Cost of Offshore Sourcing ,” Symphony Consulting will discuss important considerations that can have a direct impact on your bottom line, your supplier relationships, and the risks in your supply chain.


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